Left Behind in a cathedral of steel, three drones spend their time singing to each other, and exploring...

Use WASD to move, Q and E to blink your lights, and Z X C to beep. You can select which drones cameras and servos/lights are active by clicking on the buttons in the bottom right.

A game made for Ludum Dare 36, with the theme of Ancient Technology.

This was my first attempt at using Unity, and my first 3D Project too. There is no aim or objective to this game, but overall I am pretty pleased with the result. The rovers can explore, either separately or as a team, can sing call and responses, and can find each other with their blinking lights. There's more I would have liked to add to the game, but for a first project, I'd say I'm satisfied with the result. I hope you enjoy your brief visit to this world I've created!

Controls can be customised from the Unity starter.


Left Behind (LD36).rar 11 MB


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Nice work, great atmosphere! The idea of independently switching camera and controls between the three drones is intriguing, with some limitations added it could form the basis for some tricky puzzles.